Ken J. Johnson is a professional model train photographer, train historian, and mixed media designer inspired at a very young age to follow the rails. Ken began his career as a student engineer for Walt Disney theme parks creating optical and mechanical special effects. In time, Ken was noticed by the film industry for his skill in creating specialized sound effects. 
With over 30 years of experience documenting the sights and sounds of the American railway, Ken is considered a leader in the industry.  Ken creates state of the art methods and strategies to capture ideal model train images. Using 3D computer generated materials and textural elements he is able to place model trains in historically accurate settings. It is this attention to realism, which makes Ken’s work sought after by high-end model train manufacturers.
This portfolio reflects Ken’s life-long journey spent capturing the awesome power and romance of trains. With a background in both art and engineering, each photo maximizes affect and attention to raw detail.
Because, model train enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars and countless hours honing their collections, capturing value and the collector’s love is the essence of layout and model train imaging.
Feeling inspired? This collection includes essential reflections conducive to celebrating the everyday. In addition the art of black and white “Found” photos from the past provides endearing images of a time gone by communicating a story within the art and leaving you asking for more.
Finally, because we are kids at heart, Ken’s illustrated children’s picture book, “Steamer the Railroad Dog, ” takes young rail fans on an adventure where they learn the value of family and the joy of the ride.
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